104 Student Flats, Oxford

This is a significant site in Oxford’s Iffley Road Conservation Area and before redevelopment incorporated two early Victorian neo-classical villas, and Edwardian semi-detached house,  a Victorian Chapel, and a school building from the early 1800’s.  These buildings had been unsympathetically converted into a care home for the elderly about 100 years ago, before then being used as student accommodation from the 1950’s.

After carrying out a detailed historical analysis, we re-planned the overall site to introduce an optimal density of post-graduate student accommodation.  We removed previous extensions and alterations to expose the original high quality historic buildings, and then introduced three contemporary wings around a new quad and two gardens, and restored the retained historic buildings.

This scheme increased the accommodation density by 100% with the full support of the local community and Oxford City Council’s planning and conservation team.  It opened up the site to the Iffley Road, and retained its significant large mature trees, and the greenness of this conservation area.

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