Mesma Estate, Senya Beraku, Ghana

Our Anglo-Ghanaian clients are finalising plans for an international 300 key 5 Star hotel and PGA golf course which this residential development joins (see Leisure)

The 350 hectare Mesma Estate includes plans to accommodate over 1,500 housing units. Our master plan makes provision for community elements such as parks, retail and commercial units, medical clinic, school, church and will be home to an African market and sporting academy for use by local communities.

The master plan is been configured with the existing topography to give each plot optimal aspects over the golf course and the Gulf of Guinea beyond.  It also allows flexible accommodation mixes, infrastructure implementation, and phasing to coordinate with funding strategy.

Both the resort and estate have been designed to the highest environmental standards available.  Power will be generated by locally farmed wind and biomass installations; rainwater will be harvested for golf course, park and garden irrigation during the drier months, and a nursery is being cultivated to provide the thousands of trees and plants needed.  All new buildings will follow low energy design and construction principles.

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